B.C. Provincial Government fonds

B.C. PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT fonds – 1871-present – 8 maps

This fonds contains 4 sous fonds.

DEPT. of HIGHWAYS – FERRIES sous fonds – 1973 – 0.3 cm. of textual records

(A.18.73) – Loc.A-H-10  –  Dept. of Highways Ferries is a 40 pp. booklet outlining the ferry services provided by the Dept. of Highways across the province. It contains b/w photos of all the ferries and statistics on the boats and ridership.

This was donated to the Museum by Captain Jack Bradley in 1980.

ELECTIONS BC sous fonds – 2013 – 0ne air photo map

(A.18.93) – Loc.Maps  –  Map – Denman Seniors Hall Voting Place is an air photo map of Denman Island produced for the 2013 provincial election. It also shows much of Hornby Island and Fannny Bay and Union Bay. It is one sheet 90 cm. x 120 cm.

MIN. of FORESTS, LANDS & NATURAL RESOURCES sous fonds – 2011 – one map

(A.18.95) – Loc.Maps  –  Map – Shellfish Aquaculture in BC is a map of shellfish tenured leases in Baynes Sound, Lambert Channel and Comox Harbour. It is one sheet 60 x60 cm. in colour printed on vinyl.

AGRICULTURAL LAND USE INVENTORY sous fonds – 2012 – 6 maps

(A.18.97) – Loc.Maps  –  Maps –  Farm Production is 6 maps outlining farm production on Denman Island as of 2011. The sheets are 65 cm. x 90 cm. and in colour. The six maps are of 1. Vegetable, Hay, and Grain Production; 2. Farm Production for Market or Barter; 3. Roadside or Onsite Sales; 4. Fruit and Nut Trees and Berry and Grape Production; 5. Livestock and Poultry Production; 6. Other Agricultural Products. The maps also show the ALR (Agricultural Land Reserve) boundaries.

REGIONAL DISTRICT of COMOX-STRATHCONA fonds – 1971 – 0.5 cm. of textual records

(A.18.77) – Loc.A-H-1  –  Denman Island Planning Study is a 1971 planning study and survey of land use on Denman Island. It includes questionnaires given to residents, proposed zoning and land use bylaws and guidelines and maps of the proposals. The report was produced by the planning dept. of the regional district in 1970-71 just before the Islands Trust was formed in 1973 and took over that function.

The report is 60 pp. legal size and stapled. Robin Sharpe was the planning director at the time.

U.S. HYROGRAPHIC OFFICE fonds – 1903-1923 – 2 maps

(A.18.98) – Loc.Maps  –  Maps – Baynes Sound and it’s Approach is two hydrographic charts of Denman Island and it’s surrounding waters taken from a 1898 British survey and published by the US Hydrographic Office. There are 2 sheets 75 x 105 cm. one of which is on canvas from 1903 and in poor condition. The other is on paper and is a 1923 copy of the earlier one on canvas