2 CDs audio interviews; 1 cm. textual records

Denman Island Women’s Outreach Society (DIWOS) was established to provide services to women in crisis experiencing violence on Denman Island. DIWOS maintained a crisis line, presented workshops, established a library of resource material, and aided women who were involved in court cases. They engaged more than 200 women in various projects and activities. DIWOS was begun by Ana Miriam Leigh and was active for 20 years until 2013 when Ana passed away.

The fonds consists of 2 CDs (A.18.111) – Loc.A-F-4 of audio interviews by Eileen O’Brian with DIWOS members Sandy Kennedy and Barb Heywood-Jones and Ana Miriam Leigh.  Also (A.18.110) – Loc.A-H-9 clippings from Tidelines and from 2 websites and 1 email from Eileen O’Brian and a copy of “Stitches” 2015. Also (A.18.65) – Loc.A-F-5 two posters produced by Pat Kelly.

Note:  Items which are not held by the Museum and Archives  –  poor quality video interviews of members made by Eileen O’Brian ; a large binder/notebook documenting workshops, grants, correspondence and events; an award given to Ana Miriam by the Islands Trust; incorporation papers; a production by Valerie Raoul.

Eileen O’Brian would most likely know the location of these items.