Lacon History

The history of the Lacon family on Denman Island is laid out on a series of didactic panels at the rear of the museum. The story follows the lives of brothers Reginald and Cecil and Reginald’s wife Hilda Slayter, a survivor of the sinking of the Titanic. Photos and maps are included. “What’s in a Name?” by Claire King, available below, is an essay on the Lacon breweries in England.

Outdoor Display

In 2022 a new outdoor display area was created to house items used in logging, farming and fishing on Denman Island in the first half of the 20th century. You can find it to the left of the museum entrance. There are number tags on the various objects that correspond to the key below.

Outdoor Space Identification List

#1. Broad Axe – This axe was owned by Eddie Graham and used on Denman to square and trim logs for construction. It was donated by by Eddie’s grandson Garry and his wife Bea.

#2. Gilchrist Jack – These jacks were used for moving logs by hand, usually downhill. This jack was patented by J.E. Gilchrist in 1907 in Washington State. John Kirk tells of having to carry these on his shoulder up slopes to where logs needed to be moved. There is a photo in the museum of one being used by Joe Fitzgerald to move a huge log.

#3. Survey Post – (1874) marking the corner of 2 sections 17 & 18, 20 & 21

#4. Model T Wheel Wooden Spokes

#5. Model T Wheel

#6. Rim Puller – for changing tires on Model T cars

#7. Carriage Wrench – from before cars on Denman

#8. Stump Puller

#9. Railway Car Coupler

#10. Rail Track pieces – 2 different gauges. There were 2 different logging railways on Denman in the early years of the 20th century. They ran from around Denman Road or a bit north of it to Denman Point (Village Point) and to Henry Bay. The larger gauge of track was used for the mainlines and the small gauge for spurs which were pulled up and moved to new areas of logging after one area was harvested. One of the mainlines ran along part of what is now Lake Road and crossed Northwest Road at 3 corners.

#11. Railway Spike – from Denman logging railroads. Many Denman Islanders have found these in the bush.

#12. Boom Stick Auger – used to bore holes in the ends of the logs that held logging booms together. The boomsticks could then be chained together.

#13. Hand Auger – for boring holes in tree stumps. Hot embers were placed in the holes to burn the stumps or alternatively blasting powder.

#14. Set of Hand Augers – used in barn construction when using dowels

#15. Swede Saw – for falling and bucking

#16. Steam Donkey Engine – Photo 1913

#17. Saw – used for cutting firewood

#18. Steam Donkey Piston

#19 Cow Bell

#20. Logging Chain

#21. Counterweight for Scales

#22. John Graham and Family – Photo 1888

#23. Potato Scale – Denman Island once exported potatoes and turnips to Vancouver Island and beyond

#24. Wheel driven by a Flat Belt

#25. Corn Planter

#26. Hay Cutter Tool – used in mowing hay

#27. Hand Pump for Model T Tire

#28. & #29. Wrenches – found at the S.S. Alpha wreck site

#30. Boat Ribs – from Sinky Swan’s clinker built rowboat

#31. Anchor

#32. Oar Lock

#33. Hay Fork – for lifting hay bales into a barn loft

#34. Cork Books – used by loggers