Featured Display

The featured display this summer (July-Aug. 2020) was to have been the History of Health Care on Denman. It was to look at the delivery of medical, dental, and emergency services as well as the history of the volunteer fire dept. The core of the exhibition would have been a display tracing the development of the Hornby and Denman Health Care Society and the delivery of home care on Denman Island put together by Megan Davies and Rachel Barken.

As well, the exploration of the History of Road Names on Denman was to continure this summer with Keith Wagner Road and Pickles Road. Last years exhibit traced the history of the Lacon family (Lacon Road and Reginald Road). Hilda (Slayter) Lacon’s dramatic story of surviving the sinking of the Titanic was a big part of that story. Rosalee Peppard’s one woman play of Hilda’s life was presented at the hall.

However, given the current Covid-19 situation the museum will be closed this summer. The museum is very small so spaces are tight. However, collection can be viewed by appointment.

Contacts – Barry Landeen ph.250 335 0960 or blandeen@gmail.com

DD Fuchs ph.250 335 1413 or tdfuchs@telus.net

Past Feature Displays

Inspired by the Museum 2019 – Island artists from the Denman Fibre Challenge and the Denman Quilters were asked to create something inspired by objects in the museum. The central piece was a full size quilt made by the quilters and given to the museum.

Denman Island Peace Group2018 – Activism has been part of the social fabric of Denman for many years and the Denman Peace Group was central to that activism in the 1980’s and 90’s and continued to be a voice for peace into the 2000’s and beyond. The exhibit was curated by Peace Group members Patti Willis and Laura Pope.

History of Education on Denman Island2017 – The exhibition looked at the history of schooling on Denman from the establishment of the first formal school in 1878 to the present. Many memories and class photos were included.

History of Pottery of Denman Island- 2016 The exhibition traced the history of pottery production on Denman Island beginning with First Nations. Since the 1970’s Denman has been known as an island of potters and the displays highlighted many of the potters and their work over the last 50 years.